Saturday, April 9, 2011

Running Drunk

I'm really enjoying this RunKeeper tool. I run outside with my iPhone in my hand and the RunKeeper app tracks my distance, speed, pace, etc. via GPS.

It's a tech gadget geek's dream come true!

Even better, I can keep track of my progress online. Here's my route on a recent 3.11 mile run:

Gotta love that elevation!

And then there are those drunk runs. Okay, not really :) I just think it's kind of funny that according to this, I completely missed the road in some areas.

And of course the RunKeeper app keeps track of my totals. I'm very happy with my total mileage since I started using the app.

Unfortunately, I don't think the total calories burned makes up for the damage I did with the Girl Scout Cookies!

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Sara said...

I've been using SportyPal on my Droid. A few times it had me off of the road too. It's quite funny to see the route it shows me at the end. But SportyPal also does cycling and other sports. Does runkeeper do that too?