Saturday, May 7, 2011

Playing with foam

Thanks to my wonderful iliotibial band, I'm not allowed to run for awhile. :( TORTURE.

So this is the perfect opportunity to do some core workouts. I've always enjoyed yoga and I practice every morning as the sun comes up. The problem is that I need more of a challenge. And what could challenge me more than a $40 piece of foam?

6" inches in diameter, 36" long, this thing makes a good dog toy gives me a challenging workout.  It also acts as my own personal massusse.

I roll my body on the roll of foam and it massages all my aching muscles.  It is much cheaper than a deep tissue massage, I don't need to schedule an appointment, and I don't have to worry about my towel falling off when I'm getting off the table (I made that up. It never happened. Honestly.)

I also do many of my laying and standing yoga positions ON THE ROLLER instead of on the floor. This is a major challenge because, as you can guess, it ROLLS.  And when mom is on the floor in contorted positions, trying not to fall off the roller, the children LAUGH.  And when the children laugh, mom laughs.  And when mom laughs, she falls off the roller.  And when mom falls off the roller, the children laugh more.  And when mom gets back on the roller while laughing, she loses her balance and falls again.  I'm sure you can see where this is headed.  Overall, it's a great ab workout.

So if anyone is looking for me, I'll be on my foam.


Sara said...

FIrst of all BOO for you not being able to run!! For how long?? Will you still be doing the Stow 5K?

And second, you cracked me up with the visual of rolling off the foam roller, causing laughing, causing more falling. God stuff!

Where did you get your roller? And is a piece of foam really $40?

Jennifer said...

Yep. $40. Because Miss Comparison-Shopper- Must-Read-Every-Review didn't want to end up with a low quality piece of foam :). I got it on Amazon and bought a book that shows different exercises. It's ok but I've learned more from you tube videos. The roller itself is pretty cool to use. But I will warn you that you'll feel like an idiot the first 75 times you try to lay down on it and it rolls out from under you.

Crystal Pratt said...

The thing I like most is that the dog seems to be working out alongside you.

Caroline in NH said...

Oh, no more posts? Are you running yet? Are you still doing the triathlon in September? Have you bought a bike?