Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yes, thankyou, I am insane.

I just signed up for a triathlon.

I know some of you are sitting there thinking "Wait a minute! Weren't you in a morphine-induced stupor last week, updating your facebook status from the hospital after under-going major surgery?"

Uh, yeah. And your point is...?

The triathlon is on 9/11/11. PLENTY of time. And as soon as my doctor clears me from bed rest, I'm gonna start training. I mean it. Really. Enough of this laying around crap. I'm ready to run. And bike. And, er....swim.

The triathlon consists of a 1/4 mile swim, a 10 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run. Here are a few things I need to do over the next 8 months:

Get my doctor's permission to walk down the 3 flights of stairs from my apartment
Buy lots of running magazines
Start exercising and stuff
Figure out what triathletes wear
Remind myself that "triathlon" does not have an extra "a" - as in "triathAlon" (We won't talk about the first version of that nifty banner up there)
Buy a bike
Learn how to swim


And YOU lucky people get to follow my progress through surgical recovery, training, preparation, and the actual event.

Aren't you totally excited? I AM!

P.S. TO MY FRIENDS WHO ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE TRIATHLON WITH ME: Consider this a challenge. Do I dare you to beat me in the race? Hell, no. I'm not stupid. I dare you to out-blog me!


shnnfrmn said...

I hope to goodness I have not done this 3 times.Each time I wrote something there was something messed up with the way I joined the blog. So here goes again. I hope you are joking about not being able to swim! You run great and riding a bike is easy. Speedo swimsuit for sure! And buy white danskin stuff and tie dye it to your liking! That would be so you! Goodluck. Would you like me to bring the horse up so you can run with her while training. And watch the steps once you are allowed to go down them! Let me know the exact date your doing this if your serious. I would like to come watch and cheer you on. You can do it!!

shnnfrmn said...

Oh yes and I wanted to tell you that was a lovely picture!

Sara said...

GIrl, I'm outblogging you!!!! Get on it! I wanna read your funny stuff!