Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Running the Wrong Way

Yes, 4 days before my first 5k, and I have suddenly realized that I'm running the...

Yep, all this time I've been running backwards. It's definitely been a challenge but I have defeated the whole solar glare element. ;)

Seriously, no one ever taught me how to run. I just kind of RAN. I wasn't involved in sports in high school (this one time, in band camp...). I wasn't on the track team. No one ever watched how I ran. So I just did my own thing.

So now I'm preparing for this 5k on Saturday and my feet have been swelling and hurting like crazy! I've done a lot of research and here's what I have discovered:

1) I've been running on my toes. That's just what comes naturally to me. It's the way I walk around the house barefoot too. On my toes. Apparently running on the toes is great for sprinters. I, however, am NOT a sprinter. The only place I sprint is to Subway to see if the man behind the counter will flirt with me and give me free cookies (love ya Crystal!)

So now, 4 days before my first 5k, I need to completely re-learn how to run. And that's not easy. I went for a run yesterday and focused on landing on my mid-foot. FLAP FLAP FLAP! It was so annoying that I had to turn my music up louder!

Although I do have to say that my "toe running" does explain my kick-ass, well-defined calf muscles. But apparently my style of running just isn't meant for long distances. Hmmmph!

2) My running shoes were too small. They fit fine when I was wearing them out and about. But NOT good when running. My big toes were actually touching the end of the shoe. And when you run long distances your feet swell. That explains the toe and arch pain! I guess I now have 4 nice pair of running shoes to wear when I'm NOT running.

So I went shoe shopping today. It turns out that my shoes WERE properly fitted when I bought them around 6 months ago. But my feet have gotten wider with running. I guess they spread out more. Lucky me. I now have wide feet.

I ended up getting a pair of Newton running shoes. They mimic natural, barefoot running, but offer stability and motion control for us over-pronators. Big word. It basically means that I have flat feet and when I run, my feet rotate in too much. Since my feet have become wide, I ended up getting the men's version of the shoe. Which means it's only 1/10 less ugly than the women's shoe.

Can you say "Big Old Clown Shoes"?

P.S. I should probably make notes on my calendar to remind myself to re-read my own blog posts. When I signed up for the Stonyfield 5k, I mentioned that at least one of my friends was donning COW ATTIRE for the day. I had planned to get something "cowish". I searched online. I came up with all these ideas of clever things to sew and make. Then I forgot about it. I have nothing. Oops.


Crystal Pratt said...

Stop by the costume shop and get some strap on udders to wear...although that would probably provide some air resistance. But it will definitely get you noticed at Subway.

Sara said...

Oh no, now I'm nervous that I'm running the wrong way. How did you find out?? And where did you get your sneakers? Ever since Karren's post about them, I've been thinking about looking for some.

Glad you're fixed!!

And I don't have anything COW to wear either.