Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wanted: a running bra that supports cow udders

I signed up for the Stonyfield Farms Earth Day 5K Race on 4/23.

I will be running with a group of friends. I know at least one of these friends will be donning COW attire for the race. So I suppose I must follow suit. Cow suit, that is. I can't help but wonder if they make running bras to support cow udders...

The race will be good training for the triathlon. I have been cleared by the doc for walking and light yoga, so I was able to do some of that this week. But I'm really anxious to start running again. I'm hoping I can get back into shape before the 5K. If my calculations are correct (and it's highly probable that they're not), that's only 10 weeks away....

Well, if I'm not back into shape again, I guess I can always eat a lot of yummy yogurt samples, huh?

P.S. If anyone has great ideas for cow attire you can actually wear while running, send them my way!

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